ARITICI” company was established in 1986 to produce water-related solutions in all areas of the industry. It serves its customers in domestic and international projects in the fields of manufacturing, project, engineering, design, contracting, wholesale and retail sales, spare parts and service with its expert engineers and experienced technical staff in purification and filtration.

Our company produces customer-oriented special projects, domestic and industrial reverse osmosis systems, sea water reverse osmosis systems, ultra filtration, deaerator, sand and activated carbon filtration systems, softening systems, disinfection systems, waste water facility installation. provides ozonation systems manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and control services. In addition, our company provides the supply of chemical products and consumables to be used in all treatment systems in stock.

Our company also provides quality and inexpensive domestic water purification systems manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and control services.

Our products, designed in accordance with the requirements of the industry, are offered to service by our authorized Purifier dealers, who are trained and selected by our company. We ensure that our employees receive regular training by following the developments all over the world. Apart from sales service, we provide you with better service with our after-sales technical services.


Our Mission

With the experience of being a well-established and pioneering organization; It constitutes our team spirit that aims to grow continuously and in a balanced way. The importance we attach to marketing and new product development is to be a global company that uses our resources effectively, is environmentally friendly, has competitive quality, produces the most and sellable products at the least cost, is open to innovation and developments, meets the expectations of our stakeholders, and contributes to the country's economy.

Our most important goal is to meet the satisfaction of our customers and the expectations of different industry sectors. While doing these, we respect the environment and society and prioritize the personal development, competence and happiness of our employees.

Our Vission

To provide customers with services and products beyond their expectations while constantly following innovations to produce effective and technological solutions in the field of Filtration and Purification; To be among the leading companies in the sector with its highly qualified corporate structure at global standards.

Technicial Staff